Take flight with Soaring by the Sea Foundation as you climb aboard our 1943 World War II PBY-5A Catalina (Patrol Boat) and create your one of a kind experience soaring in the sky, landing on water, and or land, that will leave you with a lifetime of special moments and memories. Do not forget your camera!

If you are interested in a PBY flight, please contact us directly at 541-579-8994 or
Required for every passenger.
Suggested, not provided.
Flight briefing, emergency procedures, and protocols reviewed prior to all flights.

Forward View Outside PBY

Forward View of PBY 9767’s Cockpit

WWII Navy PBY Veteran


  • Lifejackets will be provided on all purchased water landing flights.
  • Minors between the ages of 12-17 must be accompanied by an adult guardian and be able to complete the flight waiver on the day of the flight. Adult guardian must be present on the flight. Lifejackets will be provided to all minors ages 6-12 years old. If younger than six, guardian must bring your own lifejacket. Flights do not have an age limit. Minors fly at full flight price.
  • Vaping or smoking is prohibited on the aircraft ramp and specifically no exceptions within 200 feet.
  • For safety reasons, all passengers must wear close-toed shoes, no sandals, or flip-flops.
  • All flights will take-off and land at the same airport within the specified duration.
  • Passengers must be able to enter and exit the aircraft individually or with assistance. Passengers may be required to demonstrate boarding and exiting the aircraft upon request.
  • Passengers must check-in a minimum of 30 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure. Passengers failing to check-in are subject to cancellation or flight reservations.
  • A minimum number of passengers may be required to fly the aircraft. If the minimum is not met, flights maybe be cancelled or re-scheduled.
  • Flights may be cancelled due to weather, mechanical issues, crew availability, or acts of nature that prevent safe flying.